Being black is not easy.

Group of Young Men

07 Jul Being black is not easy.

With all these killings from police brutality towards black men in America, being black is not easy. If it were a black man from Ghana, Or a Russian man from Russia even a Chinese man from China. It would defiantly be a different outcome.

Do you see the coloration? You can trace where each one comes from? But with blacks in America, it’s a different story. Majority of them don’t know where they come from. America is that Baby- Mother that holds a lot of children, who are in search of their TRUE identity, and most importantly their FATHERS. America has convinced generations that no matter how far back they go, they’re still American.

And it’s not their fault, we as human are witnessing the consequences of what happens when you choose to segregate a nation. Gradually extracting it from its minerals and pure harmony. All for what?

The sooner we realise that we are all  one human race, all these titles & borders are all mere mirages we have constructed from our egotistic-selves. The problems we surround ourselves with today, are all man made. The ‘Creator’ just watches… In the end everything will come to the light. However, where there is darkness, light can also be traced…

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  • Hayaati
    Posted at 13:48h, 08 July Reply

    Wow. Powerful message and ever so true! Its important to know ones roots, in order for the blossoming of true identity. I feel for people that suffer in this way.

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